What Are The Best Grip Pads for Weightlifting?

What Are The Best Grip Pads for Weightlifting?

Grip Pads for WeightliftingWeightlifting enthusiasts and gymrats alike agree on one thing, good grip pads for weightlifting can make the difference between a “go hard” workout and a “go home” workout.  So how does a small piece of exercise equipment (or apparel) really make a difference?  Read some insights about using hand protection and watch an exercise demo video using grip pads.

Grip Pads For Weightlifting

  1. Eases Hand Fatigue:  Whether you’re pumping iron in the weightlifting room or sweating bullets in your CrossFit or bootcamp workout, your hands are taking a beating.  While we think of muscle groups like biceps and glutes when we hit the gym, we rarely think about the muscles of the hand.  There are 35 muscles responsible for your grip strength and sometimes they need a break.  A good gym glove will help to reduce the pressure on the hand.  It may seem slight, but even a minimal amount of hand protection can make a big difference with these tiny and sensitive muscles.
  2. Eliminates Friction and Enhances Grip:  Calluses are those rough thick patches of skin that develop on our hands and feet.  Despite popular myth, calluses are not an indication of your level of fitness;  they are actually a medical condition.  Callousity is the medical term for this natural response of the body to thicken the skin where it feels excessive pressure and friction.  If you’ve spent any amount of time in the gym you know that it’s not long before you start to feel these little monsters start to develop.  Top rated gym gloves will be made of quality materials that protect your hands from friction and thus help in reducing the development of calluses.

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Best Grip Pads

GymPaws Leather Grip Pads for Weightlifting are the best grip pads for weightlifting for two reasons:

  1. Quality of Construction and Design. As an alternative to traditional gym gloves GymPaws Lifting Grips use the same high quality Cowhide Leather that you’ll find in other top rated gym gloves.  Called “Top Grain” it’s 100% Genuine Leather versus synthetic materials used by other products.  This makes a difference because it means that they will be more comfortable as the leather forms to your specific grip, and we all know that leather is the most durable material.
  2. The Design of GymPaws Lifting Grips hasn’t gone unnoticed as well.  They fit right in the palm of your hands where you need protection against friction causing calluses.  Because they have a slight padding to them, they ease hand fatigue as well.  For this reason they’ve become one of the best selling gloves for pull ups as well as Crossfit gloves.
  3. The Hydrophobic Neoprene Material used for the back of the grip and the 4 finger loops repels water and sweat versus absorbing it.  That means that you can have a sweat free and slip free grip with every workout!