Athletic Gift Ideas Fitness

Gifts for Athletic and Fitness Lovers

What the heck is an Etsy Personal Trainer Gift Basket?  Answer, it’s basically anything you put together as a gift for your trainer or someone who works out.  Fitness gift ideas seem to be harder and harder to come by each year especially if you have a picky gifts for athletic or fitness lover to shop for. The 2018 best workout gloves on Amazon are just about the most perfect option you can choose, but it is important when you buy online like Amazon that you get the real deal and not some cheap rip off.  Here’s what to look for:

Gifts For Athletic and Fitness Lovers

We’re just mentioning Amazon because it is the world’s biggest online retailer and a juggenaugt for exercise and fitness, Crossfit and weightlifting gear and equipment. Gifts for athletic fitness lovers  one probably wouldn’t buy athletic shoes for someone who works out.  Certain fitness gift ideas are a no brainer.  If you are looking for fitness gift ideas for her it’s not like you’d buy a sports bra for someone.  So some gym gear and clothes already rule themselves out and should be crossed off the list. is a great place to check out all of our fitness and gym products as well as our brand new leather home goods offers.

Gifts For Athletic Fitness Lovers

If you still want to put together your own etsy personal trainer gift basket try including a pair of GymPaws Original Leather Weightlifting Grips.  They were originally popularized 4 years ago when Crossfit was the HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout of choice.  Because they are ergonomically cradled in the crutch of the palm they don’t get in the way or inhibit your movements and you can easily transition from one set to the next or one exercise to another.   The genuine leather palm with slight padding will wear in and get more comfortable the more that you use them and if that were’t enough, the four finger loops help to keep them in place and fit like a workout glove.

Athletic Gift Ideas Fitness

Gifts for athletic fitness lovers isn’t too difficult when you think about it.  Were you one of the millions who chose GymPaws workout gloves 2017 as a present for someone who works out?  Chances are they were a hit so why not get them a second pair!