High Performance Pink Weight Lifting Gloves

Pink Weight Lifting Gloves

buy pink weight lifting glovesThey say real men wear pink, but when it comes down to pink weight lifting gloves we’re pretty sure they’re more popular with the ladies.  With so many workout gloves and lifting grips to choose from, where do you even begin?  Here’s a couple of tips on where to buy your new fitness gear and what to expect for the price.

Pink Weight Lifting Gloves

Harbinger Weight Lifting Gloves are pretty popular.  Some of their models are wash and dry however we don’t really recommend that because they tend to be made of synthetic materials that don’t stand up to lots of stress.

Valeo Workout Gloves are another popular Brand sold at lots of retail locations as well.  They use the same manufacturers in China and the quality is about the same… which isn’t bad.

GymPaws Weight Lifting Gloves have become one of the most popular gym gloves alternatives and are sold directly to the consumer online.  Since you’re buying direct from the manufactuer you know you’re getting the best price possible, and it doesn’t hurt that they are the highest quality you can buy.

Pink Weight Lifting Gloves

This may seem like a no brainer but you really do have to consider what exercises you’re going to be using them for. Pink Harbinger Weight Lifting Gloves

Just like gym shoes are made for specific sports, so are gym gloves!

Crossfit Gloves – Over the past couple of years Crossfit has become a popular workout of choice.  CrossFit is actually a trademark Brand name and there really are no such things as “crossfit gloves.”  Diehard crossfit fans will call em that however.  GymPaws® Lifting Grips are good choice is a #wod is in your future because you don’t need to take them on and off in between your exercise circuit.

Lifting Grips – Lot’s of grip pads made for weight lifting are nothing more than a piece of spongy rubber material.  They work well for heavy lifts like deadlifts and squats, but they’re a pain in the a$$ to use if you move from exercise to exercise because there is no way for them to stay in place.

High Performance Pink Weight Lifting Gloves

Gym Gloves – The standard half finger workout glove is also what most people envision when they think of a weight lifting glove.  They cover the entire hand with a velcro closure at the wrist.  The problem with a lot of the old school gloves like Harbinger or Valeo is that they’re just too bulky and hot.

If you plan on buying you’re new pink weight lifting gloves online, be sure to check on the return policy first.  For example GymPaws® are one of the Top Rated Gym Gloves on Amazon and because they are shipped directly from the manufacturer (versus Amazon) there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee and return poilcy. Not to mention, you can even buy your GymPaws® from from the website using your Amazon account as well as PayPal and Credit Card.

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