How To Remove Labels From Plastic , Gym Gloves

Remove Labels From Plastic Containers

Workout Gloves - How To Remove Labels off PlasticSo this really isn’t a fitness related post at all.  However it could be considered “workout motivation” since I finally figured out a solution to remove labels from plastic containers… and now that I got my DIY project done and can go to the gym!

Problem:  Remove Labels From Plastic Containers

Remove Labels From Plastic Containers - GymPaws Gym Gloves
So we bought a couple dozen of these huge plastic hopper / storage bins to store some GymPaws Gym Gloves inventory here in the offices.  They are an eyesore themselves, let alone the huge labels on the front, so those had to go.  The problem is that NOTHING worked!  We tried Goo Gone, Oops, nearly every industrial remover, and everything we could think of to no avail. Obviously this company was using industrial adhesives or something;  and we even called the manufacturer for advice.  Researching online we discovered a lot of people saying peanut butter left on the label would help.  Something about the oils soaking into the labels would loosen them.  Nope!

Last night after work I called my Mom to wish her happy birthday, and I happened to mention my frustration of the day.  Without a second thought she asked, “do you have an iron?”

Solution:  Remove Labels From Plastic Containers

How To Remove Labels From Plastic , Gym Gloves

1. Get a wet tshirt and place it over the label.

2. With your iron on medium heat (so as not to warp or bubble the plastic) run it over the label area for about 20-30 seconds.  The heat and steam generated will loosen the label.

3. Immediately peel off the label before it has a chance to cool.  Any remaining adhesive residue is easily removed with rubbing alcohol.

Moral of the story:  MOM IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

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