Gym Gloves for Kettlebells

Gym Gloves for Kettlebells

Gym Gloves Grip PadsGym Gloves Review Video:  Kettlebells aren’t as popular as dumbbells in the gym that’s a given, but they can help you to mix up your workout from time to time.  When you’re doing a kettlebell workout however you are going to notice that it tears up your hands a bit more than a stationary weight may.  Even more reason why you want the a good pair of Gym Gloves for your workout! 

Gym Gloves Grip Pads Review

1. When you’re doing something like a Kettlebell lunge, the bell itself isn’t really moving in your hand that much.  However, you will notice that kettlebells don’t have the same built in grip that a standard dumbbell has.  Even more reason why you want to wear a pair of gym gloves.  The better the grip pad between your hand and the metal, the more stable and easier to handle the weight will be.

2.  To start this exercise just put on your gym gloves and grab a comfortable kettlebell weight.  Assume the position and inhale as you lower yourself down towards the mobile knee / leg.

3. Focusing on pushing yourself back to the upright position with the opposite leg, return to the starting position as you exhale.

4. You will notice that the kettlebell itself nor the hand or arm holding it is actually moving.  It is simply adding resistance and increasing instability.

Tips for  Buying Gym Gloves Online

♠ Look for leather gym gloves.  They just hold up better and have a longer life.  You don’t want a pair of cheaply made grip pads made of spongy material.  There’s a reason why they’re sold in bulk… they are crap and they’ll fall apart.

♠ You want the kettlebell to move naturally in your hand, not stick to it. Leather allows for this natural rotation.

♠ If you’re new to kettlebell workouts, make sure you pay attention to the return policy and the reviews for your new gym gloves for kettlebells.  Learn from what other customers have to say.  Anyone can make a slick website!

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