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GymPaws Workout Gloves vs Going Barehand

Workout smarter not harder at the gym. There are so many options when it comes to hand protection during your weight training or Crossfit routines, but what do you really need to get the most for your efforts and money and which grips can actually hinder your performance? We have the breakdown as well as video reviews of GymPaws Workout Gloves vs Going Barehand at the gym.

GymPaws Workout Gloves

First of all the reason you or anyone else may wear gloves or grips at the gym is to avoid calluses caused by the friction against your skin from the metal of the weights or from whatever surface you are grasping.  Going barehand at the gym obviously leaves your skin exposed to everything. Despite what some die hard weightlifting or Crossfit knobs may think, dry callused hands are not a badge of honor.  They are just gross.  What is worse is that this thickened dry skin can tear and break open leaving you susceptible to infection.  Think about that during this 2018 flu season next time you grab that pullups bar that has been handled by 100’s of people before you that day.

Gloves VS Barehand -Reviews

We designed GymPaws Workout Gloves to ergonomically sit in the palm of your hands.  The slightly padded genuine leather front tucks away below your fingers without bunching up like some wodies gloves or other hand protection that lacks stability or structure.  Four finger loops keep our grips in place so you need not worry about them falling off when you are switching up between exercises.  Grips that are sticky are not better, and in fact, can actually inhibit your workout. Think of a gymnast as they workout on the rings or parallel bars.  Their hands are naturally rotating around the bar or whatever they are grasping is allowed to move freely withint their grip.  The same thing is supposed to happen when you’re using GymPaws workout gloves, or any other glove.  When you are doing an exercise barehand you may have some natural rotation, but you may also have excessive rotation due to sweaty palms etc.

Workout Barehand Or Gloves

If you decide to buy gym gloves online be sure to read customer reviews and pay attention to those that actually describe a specific workout or exercise.  Reviews about gloves that are generic were probably written by someone who really does not workout with the same intensity that you do! You can get GymPaws online at Amazon or directly from our website using your Amazon account to checkout or Paypal or credit card.