Finding the perfect present for someone who goes to the gym isn’t always easy. Here’s some great under $25 ideas from workout gloves to skincare.

Gym Gift Ideas For Him

Gym Gift Ideas For Him

Most guys who go to the gym are focusing on weight lifting or strength training vs cardio. Workout clothes are one of the worst gift ideas for guys or girls. What your boyfriend or girlfriend, son or daughter, wears to sweat it out at the gym is probably a lot different than what they wear to a family gathering or out for drinks with friends. They probably also wear a totally different size than for everyday wear.

Any guy will appreciate some GymPaws hand pads for gym. They’re the only alternative to workout gloves that are actually made from leather which means they’re the most durable.  Not to mention leather naturally conforms to everyone’s unique grip.  The 4 finger loop sweat proof backing means GymPaws will stay in place even through the most grueling Crossfit workout.  You can order your GymPaws right here on our website using Amazon, Paypal, or Credit Card to checkout.  Or if you want to give more money to Jeff Bezos get em directly on Amazon . 

Gym Gifts For Her

The truth is the ladies hit the weights just as hard as the guys do.  The difference is that women tend to spend more time on the cardio equipment like the elliptical or rowing machine.  Girls sweat it out like the guys and they’d appreciate some GymPaws to use as gloves for rowing. Because they’re so versatile they can use Gym Paws  in the weight room as well as workout gloves.

Gifts For Gym Junkies

How about a Present For Someone Who Goes To The Gym that isn’t about the gym at all?  Give them something that they can easily keep right in their purse or gymbag.  The Super Serum by Mack&G’s is packed full of powerful ingredients to fight aging, wrinkles, and dry skin.  Applied on a freshly cleaned face, a facial serum delivers healing deep into the layers of the skin.  Guys will like that it can double as a shave cream.

After they’ve fed their skin a post-workout meal why not top it off with an intense facial moisturizer?  WOKE Rejuvenating Facial Cream can be purchased here or on Amazon as well.