5 fun fitness facts, gloves for pull ups

5 Fun Fitness Facts You Didn’t Know

5 fun fitness facts, gloves for pull upsFor millions of Americans this Thanksgiving Day weekend marks the beginning of the holiday season.  Along with the holiday comes lots of parties and gatherings and the inevitable endless, mind numbing small talk!  Here’s 5 Fun Fitness Facts you can maybe use to spark some interesting conversations about fitness. 

5 Fun Fitness Facts

1. What is the longest muscle of the body?

sartorius muscle

The sartorius is the longest muscle of the body.  Located on the the upper leg, it runs from the upper thigh to the knee.  Transverse Lunges are a great exercise to help strengthen the satorius muscle. .

2. What is the biggest bicep ever measured?

biggest biceps ever measured

25 year old Moustafa Ismail has the biggest biceps ever measured.  Measuring in at a seam busting 31 inches, these guns could have their own zip code!

3. Most pull ups in one minute.

Salmon Ladder and Kipping Pull up

While GymPaws® Lifting Grips may be the world’s favorite gloves for pull ups, David Bourdon didn’t need ’em when he busted out 42 pull ups in one minute to achieve the Guinness World record in 2014.

4. Highest standing jump.

highest standing jump

Your personal trainer has you doing plyometrics to help you tighten up that booty, but it’ll probably never get you near the record held by Justin Bethel.  From a static standing position Justin jumped 5 feet vertically onto a platform in 2012… and into the record books for a long time I’m sure.

5. Lowest resting heart rate.

lowest resting heart rate

In 2005 a 36 year old man was recorded as having the lowest resting heart rate at 27 bpm (beats per minute). The average resting heart rate for a 36 yr old guy is 71 bpm and for a girl is 74.

*Find these fun fitness facts and more in the 2015 Guinness Book of World Records. (btw makes a great gift idea)