Fitness Gift Ideas

Etsy Personal Trainer Gift Basket

What kind of present do you buy someone who goes to the gym or works out a ot?  Lot's of people search for Etsy personal trainer gift basket with the hopes of finding that perfect stocking stuffer.  Before you spend good money online, you should first know what kind of workout your friend or Personal Trainer likes to do regularly. 

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Etsy Personal Trainer Gift Basket

Fitness Present Idea Etsy

Most Personal Trainers spend countless hours and days in the gym or Crossfit box working with clients.  When they do carve our time to get a good workout in themselves, it's usually in between appointments or when they have a cancellation.  Most fitness gift basket ideas start with some sort of weightlifting or nutritional supplements.  This is a really good and universal idea because you can assume that anyone into fitness or the gym will find some use for them.  Look for high quality protein bars or meal supplement shakes. 

When it comes to exercise equipment or gear that can be a bit more confusing.  You generally want to steer away from clothes because that's really a personal decision.  What someone may like to wear during the day or when they're not sweating it out in the weight room can be a lot different than what you may see them in at the gym.  A great addition to any Etsy Personal Trainer Gift Basket is a pair of Gym Paws workout gloves.   They're one of the only grips or hand protection online that are made from 100% genuine cowhide leather, making them one of the most durable fitness gloves on the market.  Because of the ergonomic four finger loops design, they fit just about anyone.  Even better, because they're not manufactured with too much padding or excess materials, they're super versatile and a Personal Trainer who's into weight lifting, Crossfit, or just about any exercise at the gym will love them. 

Etsy Personal Trainer Gift Basket

Depending on how much you plan on spending on your Etsy Personal Trainer Gift Basket, other good gift ideas include wearbales like electronic exercise and fitness trackers or even body composition and heart rate monitors.