best workout gloves, proper form for spinning

Proper Form For Spinning

best workout gloves, proper form for spinningTaking a spin class once or twice a week could get you that hot shredded body you want, but it’s important you know proper form for spinning!  Spinning is the “brand” term for indoor cycling.  Indoor cycling is NOT the same as ploppin your butt on a stationary bike and working up a sweat!  It amazes me how many people who may be self proclaimed die hard spin class fans, who really don’t know what they’re doing!  When you’re in a spin class the goal is not just to work up a sweat but to simulate cycling in the real world.  When was the last time you saw a professional cyclist doing push ups on their handlebars as they were speeding down the road?  Never. Here are some basic tips to keep in mind:

Proper Form For Spinning

1. Keep Abs Tight!  Keeping your abs tight is probably the #1 top for proper form for spinning.   Your abs stabilize your upper body and when cycling they help to keep your upper body in check so you’re not bouncing around.  Keeping tight abs will also help you to focus your energy on thrusting with your lower body.

2. Thrust your hips back when you’re in “position 3” or using the most forward position of the handlebars.  Your upper body should not be over the handle bars.  If they are you’re likely rest on the handlebars too much which is defeating the purpose of a lower body workout.  Not to mention, in the real world a cyclist in this position is trying to be as powerful and streamlined as possible.  You’re using your glutes and your hamstrings to generate the force say to bike up a hill.

3.  Don’t bounce!  I don’t care what your spin instructor tells you to do… if you were ACTUALLY biking up or down a hill, or on a flat road for that matter, you would never be bouncing around on your bike!  By bouncing up and down, not only are you putting undue stress on your joints, you’re defeating yourself and your workout!  The power of the push and pull should be coming from your legs and lower body, not from kinetic energy.

4. Pay attention to the beat!  Proper form for spinning means paying attention to what the instructor is doing and saying.   Your instructor has designed the class to challenge your body at specific points as well as to raise and lower your heart-rate throughout the workout.   A slower beat means higher resistance.  A faster beat usually means lower resistance and more speed.

Proper form for spinning isn’t just about working up a sweat and listening to some fun music.  This isn’t an aerobics class!  After a good spin workout, you should be feeling it in your abs, butt, and legs.  If you’re not, you’re doing something wrong!