Music For The Gym

TC – Unleash The Wolf Workout Playlist Spotify

Music For The Gym

Sometimes you may need a little help when you're ready to #chasethepump in the weight room.  Having a good workout playlist is crucial.  Stepping outside your normal comfort zone of what you may normally listen to just might be the added push you need to transcend your exercise and fitness plateau and reach the next level. Here's a great workout playlist from Spotify that will get you sweating. 

Unleash The Wolves by TC

UK artist Tom Casswell (aka TC) is a producer, vocalist and DJ. While he's starting to climb the charts here in the US, in his home of Bristol UK he's been hitting the Top Ten charts since 2014.  He first hit the scene in 2002 as his classic, jazz-influenced drum n bass remixes started getting noticed. 

In July 2016 TC released "Unleash The Wolves" to much fanfare.  If you're not familiar with his work, you have to check out this album.  It's one of the best workout playlists on Spotify in my opinion.  It keeps you pumped and focused without being too distracting or overbearing.  The smooth transitions from sultry vocals to rhythmic beats is a great undertone for a focused and intense workout. 

Best Workout Playlist Spotify

  1. Start A Riot – TC
  2. Have You – TC
  3. Next Hype – TC
  4. Storm Brew – Style G, TC
  5. Rep – Jakes, TC
  6. April Fools – TC
  7. Quick Jungle – Fats, TC
  8. Unleash the Wolves – Armanni Reign, TC
  9. The LIght – Metrik, TC
  10. Five Eyes – TC
  11. Hold On – TC

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There's no denying that the right music can enhance your workout.  Studies have shown that the beat, rhythm, and tempo of the music you listen to at the gym greatly enhances your workout.  There's a reason why high energy music is pumped into the gym and weightlifting room! Here's the Spotify Playlist Link