Adonis Belt Abs on Guys

Hot Guy Abs Shirtless And Tattoos

These Hot Crossfit Guys Abs Are Smokin

Ask any guy at any age what is the most impressive body part they WISH they had themselves, and you’re like to hear the same thing (get your mind outta the gutter) ABS! The V shape on guys or Adonis Belt is one of the toughest things to achieve.

Hot Guy Abs Shirtless And Tattoos

Hot Guys Abs

If getting a set of ripped up abs is your goal then you don’t necessarily need to be weight training in the gym. Fitness and building muscle is important of course, but equally important is men’s bodyfat percentage. So get that heart rate up! Whether you’re sweating bullets in a crossfit class (wearing your crossfit gloves), or doing some high rep bodyweight exercises… you gotta burn the fat!

Hot Guys Shirtless Abs Tattoos

Guys who spend a lot of time weight training don’t always have the best bodies.  It really comes down to eating properly and having a good balance between cardio and lifting.

V Shaped Abs Adonis Belt

When you’re ready to get on a real fitness routine and start sculpting the bodies of these Hot Guy Abs Shirtless And Tattoos, then you’ve made the first step!  Put down your gym gloves, or lift grips and start thinking outside the box!

Adonis Belt Abs on Guys

Hot Guys Abs Shirtless And Tattoos are a dime a dozen when you’re looking at the blogs online or at the fitness magazines at the store.  But in reality it’s a small percentage of guys who have the dedication it takes.  You need a little more than just the best gym gloves for anyone.

Best Gym Gloves For Guys With Abs