Increase Metabolism

Increase Metabolism Outside The Gym

Best crossfit gloves, best workout glovesEveryone knows that after a strong weight training session, a 4-mile run, or rollerblading during your afternoon is going to increase metabolism. But how can you keep your metabolism cranked up all day long? In laymen’s terms, your metabolism is simply the chemical process of your cells that produces the energy needed for every day life. These are a couple of  tips to help you increase metabolism and promote an overall better body composition!

The number one way to effectively up your metabolism is to put on and maintain lean muscle mass. Your muscles are made up of active tissues that require energy to build and maintain. If you have more blobs of fat in your body than you do muscle mass, you will remain a blob quite simply.  Fat isn’t burning calories and doesn’t expend energy.  And how do you gain muscle mass? By weight training of course! Which should be a part of everyone’s daily life for overall good health, whether you’re trying to lose weight or build muscle.

Consume protein, especially for breakfast! Listen to those kids; trix is for them, not you. Eating cereals, waffles, donuts or any other sugar-carb based food at breakfast is quite possibly the worst thing you can do. You will immediately spike and crash your blood sugar, which is an effective way to throw your metabolism into a funk. Instead, consume a breakfast high in protein such as eggs and Greek yogurt. Proteins require a lot of energy to break down and digest which helps keep you full longer and keeps your metabolism going strong.  Check out this high protein crockpot recipe for a great example of an easy way to prepare a high protein meal.

Increase MetabolismWater is another key dimension to increase metabolism. Without being hydrated by water, you cannot efficiently get all the nutrients from the foods you consume. Aim for 2-3 liters (minimum) of water a day to keep your body functioning properly.

Consume whole foods instead of genetically modified garbage. The act of breaking down nutrients requires energy and burns a lot of calories. Whole foods take more energy to break down then processed foods. Choose more foods like fish, lean meats, vegetables and fruits to utilize your bodies natural caloric burning process. In saying this, be very smart about what liquids you consume because calorie heavy drinks (Blended coffee and even fruit smoothies) require very little effort to digest which in turn will drive up your blood sugar and be a key part of expanding your waistline.