Riley Daye | Personal Trainers Los Angeles

Personal Trainers Los Angeles – Riley Daye is a strong proponent of instilling a positive “mind body connection” in his clients.  he’s an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant.  Riley believes that one can change patterns by first understanding behaviors that may influence decisions.

As a Los Angeles Personal Trainer most of Riley Daye’s clients are local and he uses the natural beauty of the city and landscape to keep his workouts interesting, which is unique to Los Angeles Personal Trainers.

“Los Angeles is like no other place in my opinion.  One day you could be on the beach doing sand sprints, the next day getting a hike in the mountain trails at Runyon Canyon and doing yoga, and then that weekend be snowboarding with your friends,” says Riley.

A workout with Riley isn’t limited to free weights and weight machines.  He and his clients like to incorporate Kettlebell Workouts whenever possible.  Riley understands why his clients are so fond of this underutilized piece of equipment, “Kettlebell Workouts are great because especially for beginners or people new to working out, the Kettlebell seems more manageable to them and less daunting.  Not to mention a kettlebell workout tends to focus on total body conditioning rather than isolating one muscle group.”

Another tool in Riley’s arsenal of fat burning and muscle building tools are his high-intensity-interval-training (HIIT) workouts.  Those of you who’ve attended a Crossfit Workout or Bootcamp workout are already familiar with HIIT whether you realize it or not.  A high intensity interval training workout focuses on high energy, short bursts of exercises performed at intervals with little rest in between. HIIT workouts can be done in a gym incorporating weight lifting exercises with plyometrics or calestenics or done outdoors using bodyweight exercises and obstacles nearby. Riley points out “HIIT is a great workout to burn fat because it causes your body to make metabolic adaptations which allow you to use fat as a fuel source under different conditions.  A HIIT workout improves your athletic endurance and overall fat burning potential.”

Muscle building and fat burning is not the only goal of Personal Trainers Los Angeles!   As a Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant Riley also likes to ensure that his clients are living up to their fullest potential when they’re not working out with him as well.  “It’s all about balance and commitment.  You’re not going to get the body you want yesterday – but knowing that today you can make one small step towards achieving that goal is very powerful.”