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Lifting Gloves

what are the best lifting glovesTo use or not to use lifting gloves.  It’s a been a debate and topic of discussion as long as guys and girls have been weightlifting!  With the popularity of bootcamp style circuit training workouts like Crossfit, HIIT, and Tabata more and more of us are hitting the gym every week.  As a result, the fitness apparel industry has taken notice and started flooding the market with gear, gadgets and products designed to “help” you get the most of your workout.  When it comes to lifting gloves, you really need to weigh your options carefully if you want to maxmize your workout rather than hinder it!

Lifting Gloves Do’s and Don’ts

DO:  Keep in mind what you’ll be using them for.  You don’t do just ONE thing in the gym, you do LOTS of things.  Your lifting gloves should be versatile.  GymPaws® buy lifting gloves, amazon exercise glovesOriginal Leather Lifting Grips were designed to have a minimal profile while protection your hands from the callous causing friction from weightlifting.

DON’T:  Just looks for lifting gloves that look cool.  Animal Print Workout Gloves, novelty gloves and big brand name gloves are counting on the fact that you’ll be attracted to spiffy looking colors and designs.  They want you to buy them, they don’t care if you actually use them.  Your gloves don’t need to be a fashion statement, they need to to their job!

DO:  Pay attention to materials that your lifting gloves are constructed from.  Some big brand name gloves are made of micro fiber leather, which is not leather.  Others are made from squishy spongey material, which is exactly what they are.  Still others are made from nothing more than cotton fabric blends.  GymPaws Lifitng Gloves are made from 100% Genunine Leather, and Neoprene.  They’re moisture resistant and durable!

DON’T: Wear driving gloves, gardening gloves or work gloves.  Lifting Gloves are specially designed for workouts.  Lifting Grips like the original GymPaws were designed with a slight amount of padding and 4 finger loops.  Half Finger Lifting Gloves like The GymRat are a more complex design to offer protection at more pressure points of your grip.  Gloves are designed for their use and you shouldn’t be just using anything you find.

DO:  Read gym gloves reviews and do your homework.  Sure a pair of gloves will only set ya back $20 but if you have to buy 5 or 6 pair before you find the ones that work for you it can add up.