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Lat Pushdown To Build A Brawny Back

The muscles of the back are one of the largest muscle groups in the body next to the muscles of the legs and lower body. The lat pushdown is one of the best exercises for the lats that will not only help  give you a broader and brawnier back but are a great addition to mix up your typical back workout.

Lat Pushdown Exercise For Back

If you’re doing a back workout you undoubtedly have at least one exercise to work the lats. Lat pulldown is a common exercise in the weightlifting room and the lat pushdown is a lessor known movement but trains the back almost as well.

Lat Pushdown Exercise

Lat Pushdown is very similar to a triceps pull down with a bar. With a triceps extension or pushdown your goal is to isolate the triceps by keeping you elbows close to your sides and movement should only occur at the elbow joint as you press the bar down towards your lower body.

While the lat pushdown is a similar movement, the body position determines how the appropriate muscle group is trained.  Here’s how you do it:

Wearing your workout gloves or weightlifting grips stand in front of a pulldown bar and grasp it with both hands at shoulder width apart.

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Before you being the exercise, take two steps backwards bending at the waist so that your upper body is at about a 45% angle to the floor.

In this position your hands should be grasping the bar closer to your head.  Pinch your shoulder blades down and engaged as you push the bar down and in towards your lower body.  This is where the back muscles are engaged, mainly the lats, thus why it is called a lat pushdown.

As we said before, the back muscles are among the largest in the body are and crucuil to many stability movements. Having a good pair of weightlifting workout gloves are just as crucial. You can check out GymPaws workout gloves Amazon at