What are the best gloves for pull ups from gympaws?

What are Kipping Pull Ups | Gloves for Pull Ups

EXERCISE VIDEO DEMO:  Whether you have a love hate relationship with pull ups is not the point.  Some of use love em because they train almost the entire upper body, and those that hate em probably can’t do them properly.  If you’re asking what are kipping pull ups you’re probably a bit more advanced than the average joe.  Grab a pair of gloves for pull ups and let’s get goin…

What are the best gloves for pull ups from gympaws?What Are Kipping Pull Ups?

If done properly Kipping Pull Ups should be a powerful and fluid motion.  It’s actually a variation of the gymnastics kip.   Some say that it’s a bit easier on your pulling muscles because you have the added advantage of the momentum of your body weight to lift you (versus a dead hang).  Others say that it’s more advanced because it requires control of more of your body movement.  Either way, kipping pull ups are much harder on your grip and they’re definitely more cardiovascular.  This is where your gloves for pull ups is going to come in handy. What are the best gloves for pull ups?

With a Kipping Pull Ups exercise you’re leading with your hips and shoulders as your feet are thrown behind you.  The biggest tip for Kipping Pull Ups is that when your hips are forward, your feet should be back.  Begin the pull up as you would a dead hang.  Your palms are facing outward (away from you) and you have a slightly wider than shoulder width grip. Kipping Pull Ups are meant to be explosive, however you should not lose control of the motion of the rest of your body.  You are using momentum to help you complete the movement, however you still want to have an engaged core.

1. As you begin, you’re pushing the chin and shoulders and hips forward, while you’re feet are “behind” the bar. Make sure you have gloves for pull ups that allow for hand rotation.

2. In a swinging motion with your feet coming forward, simultaneously bring the shoulders and chin back “behind” the bar, while your feet are now forward or in front of the bar.

3. Pull yourself up and as you come down, get your chin and shoulders to the position you began with.

Kipping Pull Ups can be tough for someone to master if you’re not familiar with a basic pull up.  If this is the case and you still want to try em, have someone help you out by holding or guiding your feet until you feel comfortable with the upper body movement.