What Does Hashtag gymshark Mean

What Does Hashtag #gymshark Mean

Like it or not, thanks to the constant march of technology we live in a world where our communication has been reduced to a couple of hundred characters.  One could argue that we’re not being limited, but being more precise.  Hashtags were originally used as a easy way to organize like minded thoughts.  With regards to the fitness industry however it seems like they’re intended to be a bit more descriptive themselves.  Along with millions of social media pics of ripped hot guys and seemingly perfect female bodies, fitness hashtags have become a constant.  

What Does Hashtag #gymshark Mean

Like #beastmode or #gohardorgohome some of these labels seem to be the narrative the person posting the pic want us to believe.  In the world of online marketing and ecommerce we used to just refer to these as keywords, or rather what it is that some searches for to yield the results on the search engine results page.

Hashtag gymshark definition

Search for GymPaws workout gloves (on Amazon it is here https://www.amazon.com/shops/gympaws ) and you’ll obviously find the website you’re on right now, but search for leather workout gloves and you probably have to scroll thru a bunch of non sense or actually click on one of the paid ads.  Google, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and Instagram are all individual and unique search engines and they are DESIGNED to show you information that most closely matches what you are more likely to search for. (think fake news circa 2017)

#gymshark is used to identify someone has a dedicated gym goer.  It’s not that difficult to figure most of these out.  If you hit it hard at the gym or Crossfit box, you’re a gymshark.  If you’re slammin weights around the weightlifting room you could say you’re in beast mode.  If you have a workout buddy you may call them a swolemate.  The list could go on and on.

While the internet and technology has definitely made the world smaller in the sense that we can communicate more broadly in real time, don’t be fooled that it’s an open market.  If you want to buy the best workout gloves, go on Amazon and search GymPaws or do the same on google or any other place and you’ll find what you’re looking for, including customer reviews.  Just make sure you’re not sacrificing your time in the gym for time online if you ever want to actually achieve your exercise and fitness goals.