Workout Legs To Lose Weight Fast

The power house muscles of the body are the furnace that burns fat.  You may sweat it out on the elliptical machine, step mill or tread mill but you NEED to Workout Legs To Lose Weight Fast. With a good clean diet, and a consistent commitment to hitting the gym, boosting your legs workout will melt the pounds faster than ever.

Workout Legs to Lose Weight

Focus on Compound Exercises like deadlifts and squats.   These movements engage your core and upper body muscles in addition to working legs. Studies show that these two exercises actually increase your body’s release of growth hormone and testosterone.  These are some of the body’s best fat burning tools!  Ladies throw those 2 pound dumbells and pink workout gloves in the trash.  If you want to lose serious fat, you need to be weight lifting some serious weight!

Cardio workouts are NOT muscle building workouts.  While you certainly can sculpt a butt you could bounce quarters off of by hitting the Stepmill regularly, you won’t come close to maximizing the power of the legs without weightlifting.

Go hard or go home.  If your goal is to workout legs to lose weight, then actually WORKOUT! Crossfit and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) are specifically designed to keep your metabolism soaring while engaging large muscle groups.

Practice on the machines and then move to free weights.    If you’re new to squats or deadlifts practice mastering your form before trying to move mass amounts of weights.  Doing squats on a smith machine for example virtually eliminates your need for balance.  Free weights engage more muscle fibers which in turn burn more calories.

Workout Legs to Lose Weight – Top 3 Leg Exercises You Need Do ( poll)

1. Barbell Squats –  Rest the barbell on the back of your shoulders (actually the weight should be distributed between your shoulders and your hands/arms).  Looking straight ahead, slowly allow the hips to come back and squat down keeping the back straight and knees pointed forward.  Lower until your thighs are about parallel to the floor.

2. Walking Dumbbell Lunges

3. Seated Leg Presses – Two things to remember when doing seated leg presses:  Keep your head up and looking forward and focus on keeping your shins parallel to the floor.  You’ll also notice that if you push more through your heels you’ll feel it in your butt and hamstrings more, and if you’re pushing with the top of your foot you’ll feel it in the quads.