Fitspo Definition

What Does Fitspo Mean? #fitspo

Fitspo Definition

According to people are spending over an hour EVERYDAY on Facebook and Instagram.  What's ironic is that is actually more time than they spend in the gym, on their workout, weightlifting or Crossfit class. With thousands of annoying fitness hashtags circulating out there, it seems like people are looking for #fitspo more than they are trying to be it themselves!

What Does Fitspo Mean?

Fitspo or #fitspo is a hashtag meaning "fitness inspiration."  It originally appeared on Twitter and Facebook years ago, but became popular on Instagram in 2012.  Millions of social media users realized it was easier to just look at pictures versus spending all that time reading 140 characters on Twitter or Facebook. Psychologically it's no secret that looking at pictures of hot guys or girls can be a motivation for adherence to an exercise and fitness routine. Walk past any magazine stand (where they still exist) and you'll see cover after cover of well oiled pecs and abs and hyper airbrushed hourglass figures of bikini models. You're going to buy those publications because you WANT to look like them, even if you don't think you want to. 

Annoying Fitness Hashtags

The #fitspo hastag is really no different than those covers.  Seeing pics of a guy with bulging biceps or a girl with almost zero bodyfat does something for us.  Unfortunately it's not getting most people to the gym.  It's basically just glorifying those that have already achieved those goals and get off on seeing how many people "like" their pics. 

Awhile ago we gave you the definition of Swolemate and #chasethepump.  #Fitspo is probably even more popular.  Want someone to see that you've been hitting the gym or weightlifting?  Just tag your pic with #fitspo and see how many new admirers you'll get!