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Tumblr Fitness Blogs – Gym Paws

tumblr fitness blogs, workout tumblr blogs, exercise tumblr blogsSometimes it’s hard to find Tumblr Fitness Blogs.  Gym Paws isn’t just about being the best weight lifting grip money can buy – it’s also becoming a source for great fitness and workout tips as well as gym motivation.

What can you expect on Gym Paws Tumblr Fitness Blogs?

Workout Advice, Workout Articles, and Exercise Video Demos!  You won’t find regurgitated or reblogged information on this Fitness Blog!  It’s all about real advice from real personal trainers!  Let’s face it, if working out and having a great bod were easy… everyone would have one.  The reality is that it takes commitment and work.  Don’t waste your time in the gym, get the most out of it!  You can have the best weight lifting grips on the planet, but if you’re not doing the exercises properly it really won’t matter.

Gym Motivation.  Fitness inspiration comes from within!  But every once and awhile it doesn’t hurt to take a gander at some hot shirtless guys or sexy girls.  Sometimes that’s all you need to give you the momentum to get to the gym or put a little extra oomph in your workout.

Gym Paws Fit Guys and Gym Paws Fit Girls

We all like looking at pretty pictures of pretty people.  You can search tumblr blogs and discover that there are more than enough for that!  The Gym Paws Tumblr Fitness Blogs try to offer you more than just a pretty face.  Sometimes we may feature celebrity workout tips and advice and sometimes we may just give you a great new exercise to try out.  Regardless, your gym motivation starts with knowledge and inspiration!

Liftsyle Tips, Healthy Recipes, and Fun Fitness Stuff

Are you a fan of crockpot recipes, high protein muffin recipes, easy to make salads, or low fat desserts?  Well you may just find them all on the Gym Paws Tumblr Fitness Blog!  Just like our workout tips, we want to give you stuff that we may have tried ourselves, not just regurgitated recipes someone found on a blog or pinned on pinterest!  Every once and awhile we come across things that are just plain silly and may not have to do with working out, lifting grips, or workout at all.  You’re heard the doctor say that laughter is the best medicine.  We believe that too!  Your lifestyle is likely stressful enough – we hope to put a smile on your face from time to time.