Girl Workout Gloves

Girl Workout Gloves

Girl Workout Gloves

Ladies, listen up!  We know you lift and train just as hard as the guys do at the gym.  The gym equipment doesn't discriminate between men or women, so why should your exercise and fitness gear.  Who wants girl workout gloves made from frilly lace and crappy material.  You need hand protection that works as hard as you do!  We have a couple of options for you to use as your new Crossfit Gloves and / or weightlifting grips. 

Girl Workout Gloves

There are a couple of things that girls need to look for when they buy gym gloves online, and it's not that difficult to do. 

1. Check out the material that they are made from.  All GymPaws products are made from 100% Genuine Cowhide leather for one reason… because it's the most durable material when it comes to exercise, fitness and bodybuilding gear!  Next time you're in the weight room or Crossfit box, take a look at the shoes people are wearing.  90% of them are leather, not faux leather or micro fiber.  Especially those manufacturers that call their products "girl workout gloves" know that you're not paying attention to durability, you want something cute. That's kinda silly. 

2. Read the customer reviews.  Recently Amazon started chaning their Customer Review algoritms, and for good reason!  Companies were actually paying other shady compaines to pad their product reviews.  Research shows that customers actually do read the reviews, and gym glove reviews are no exception.  When you read through the GymPaws reviews, you'll see that customers have rated them one of the best gym gloves money can buy.  When you're comparing different workout gloves to each other, look for reviews where customers cite specific workouts or excercises.  If you want a pair of Crossfit Gloves, look for key words like WOD workouts, crossfit pull ups, deadlifts, snatches etc.   Then you'll have a better idea of what actual people are using them for. 

The other thing to look for when you're shopping for your girl workout gloves, is proper grammer and English.  This may sound silly, but trust me, those guys that are paid to write phony customer reviews aren't using proper grammer and english.  It's a great way to weed out the fake from the true. 

Pink Workout Gloves

Pink Gym Gloves

We have the Original Pink GymPaws Lifting Grips which have a slightly padded leather palm, and 4 finger loops Neoprene backing that wicks away sweat. 

The Swolemate Gym Glove by GymPaws is designed after high end Italian driving gloves.  The fit is more snug and tapered to fit your hand like custom gym gloves, 

The GymRate V02Max Gym Glove by GymPaws is an uber breathable glove with a padded suede palm.  They are very cool pink workout gloves as well.