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What Color Is Your Crossfit Chakra

It might seemed far fetched but there is a connection between your Crossfit Workout and Chakras. In Hinduism and Buddism Chakras are believed to be energy points of the non physical body.  Basically they refer to your energy fields.  If you're skeptical then think of it this way, even the most solid dense matter on earth at its simplest form is tiny little atoms buzzing around. It is energy. You are energy. When you're at the gym or sweating through a Crossfit WOD or even weightlifting, how are you moving those weights or lifting or pushing? You're using energy. 

What Color Is Your Crossfit Chakras

There might be 100's of exercises you can do at the gym or Crossfit box, but there are only 7 Chakras. 

  1. Red Chakra – This is the "first chakra" and considered the base or Root Chakra.  The color red represents this important area because it is visceral and primitive power. Red GymPaws Gym Gloves could help you funnel your root chakra energy. 
  2. Orange Chakra – The second chakra is orange and symbolizes creativity and birth.  It is also called the Sacral Chakra. 
  3. Yellow Chakra – Moving "up" your body from the base, the Solar Lexus Chakra is responsible for self-esteem and personal power.  Many people who cite yellow as their favorite color are often bright, cheery, self disciplined people. If you're doing Crossfit Knees To Elbows or Filthy 50's in your Crossfit workout you know that jumping from one exercise to the next without rest takes some dedication. 
  4. Green Chakra – This is the heart Chakra and you guessed it represents the heart but not like a Valentine's Day heart.  This is your physical heart, your pulse of being.  It is you physical and emotional center. 
  5. Blue Chakra – Most people choose Blue GymPaws as their favorite color and it's pretty common among everyone.  When it comes to Chakras though the 5th one is the Throat Chakra and represents your communication and self expression. If you're sporting blue crossfit gloves or workout gear you just might be more calm and focused. 
  6. Indigo Chakra – This is the infamous "Third Eye." It represents introspection and beliefs. 
  7. Violet Chakra – This is the top of the head the Crown Chakra. As a color it has the shortest wavelength and highest vibration. 

What Color Is Your Crossfit Chakra

Crossfit Gloves You Love and WOD's You Hate

GymPaws® have been a top selling Crossfit workout glove for years because it is ergonomically designed to fit right in the palm of your hands.  This protects against callus causing friction while easing hand fatigue.  Try them the next time you bust out some Crossfit Knees To Elbows or Filthy 50's and you'll know why thousands of people love them.  Just with any HIIT workout you're jumping from one exercise to another with littler rest. You don't have time to take a pair of gym gloves on and off all the time.  The four finger loops keep them in place just like a glove so you don't have to worry about them slipping off or getting in the way.