Are Big Back Lifting Grips the Best

Best Workout Gloves Weightlifting

Best Workout Gloves WeightliftingLet’s make this easy.  If you go to the gym, crossfit box, beach or workout at home you may have considered using a workout glove at some point.  If you’re searching for the best workout gloves weightlifting then you’ve probably already tried some out before!  So what are you looking for exactly?

Bodybuilding and weightlifting has been around forever.  In the 1980’s weightlifting and working out became what was called at the time a “fad.”  30 years later we know for certain that it’s not.  As millions of American’s hit the gym everyday there’s almost as many workout glove companies and fitness gear / crossfit gear companies vying for your attention. 

Best Workout Gloves Weightlifting

1. Lifting Grips

Are Big Back Lifting Grips the BestBrands like Big Back Lifting Grips and / or Power Pads are great!  Made from a rubbery foam material, they protect the hands from calluses when weightlifting or working out.  They can ease some of the pressure on your hands.  They’re super popular for a reason:  they’re a simple product that is very affordable and they get the job done.   Now try doing a set of pull ups with your big back grips.  How’d that workout for ya?  What about using them in a bootcamp or crossfit class?  Because these don’t strap or adhere to your hands in any way, there’s nothing that keeps em in place.  With popular cross training classes lately they simply don’t hold up.  Your hands need to rotate naturally around the weight and the bar.  If they don’t the power pads will fall apart.

GymPaws Lifting grips were designed with the weightlifter in mind and for this reason they’re the #1 Rated Best Workout Gloves Weightlifting on Amazon!  The proof is in the pudding.  A leather lifting grip like GymPaws gives you the same hand protection as a foam product, with the durability of Real Leather.  The four finger loops on the back mean that your GymPaws will stay in place even through the toughest #wod!

2. Workout Gloves Half Finger and Full Finger Workout Glovesthe gymrat

This is probably the most common workout glove on the market and the most widely used.   It’s basically a full workout glove.  It’s referred to as half finger workout gloves and full finger workout gloves, but it really is the same thing.  Harbinger workout gloves are one of the most popular.  They have a ton of options available and they’re pretty well constructed.  The only issue with Harbinger workout gloves is that they’re old school in the sense that they weren’t designed with the modern weightlifter in mind.   Today’s gym goer is active and as a result, pretty sweaty!  These old school workout gloves absorb sweat, and get hard and crusty.

A workout glove that is both leather AND washable is the best option.  GymPaws just released it’s first FULL workout glove called affectionately The GymRat.  It’s constructed of durable WASHABLE Suede which means you can toss them in the wash machine and dryer with no worries!  Combine that with the Ventilator Fabric that they’re made from and you’ve almost got the next best workout gloves weightlifting!