Compression Knee Sleeve

Compression Knee Sleeves

Compression Knee Sleeve

Compression Knee Sleeves are becoming more and more popular among weightlifting enthusiasts and Crossfit fans because they really can help in the protection on recovery of the knee joint.  However, the majority of gym and fitness enthusiasts are drawn to them as another tool or piece of fitness gear to add to their gym bag moreso than because they actually understand how to use them properly. Learn more about the advantages of compression knee sleeves and why they may just take your workout to the next level.

Knee Sleeves vs Knee Braces

The most common misconception about Compression Knee Sleeves is that they are confused with a knee brace.  While they do offer support and aid stability, they are not structurally designed like a knee brace.  A brace is often used to rehabilitate an injured knee joint, torn cartilage or damaged ACL, PCL or MCL's.  A brace offers a more rigid construction and actually disperses some of the load of the users bodyweight, helping to aid the injured area.

A Knee Brace is designed to offer compression for the knee joint which helps to aid in circulation, warmth, and reduce swelling.  Depending on the quality of materials used, some knee braces will aid in stability of the knee joint as well, which has made them a popular piece of fitness gear for Crossfit fans and weightlifting enthusiasts alike. 

BOA™ Compression Knee Sleeves by GymPaws®

Compression Knee Sleeves

GymPaws® is most well known from our hugely popular Original Leather Lifting Grips and gym gloves.

Weight Lifting Grips For Men

Beginning in April 2016, GymPaws Inc will be introducing our line of Compression Knee Sleeves under it's own brand name BOA™. 

Made from our signature military-grade Neoprene cotton blend fabric that made our gym gloves so popular, these Compression Knee Sleeves were designed by a team of Certified Personal Trainers, Athletes, Exercise Physiologists and weightlifting pros.  Their ergonomic design won't inhibit movement, they can be easily washed and dried, and they will become your knee favorite workout accessory.  While the official for sale date is a couple of weeks away, stay posted for the official launch of BOA™! You can buy our new Compression Knee Sleeves right here on and Checkout with your Amazon account, PayPal or any major Credit Card. 

Or you can buy them directly from Amazon! Your knees will thank you!

Compression Knee Sleeve

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