What are the best weight lifting gloves for men?

What Are The Best Mens Weight lifting Gloves?

What are the best weight lifting gloves for men?Whether you’re new to pumping iron or a bonafide gym rat – at some point you’ll likely ask the question “what are the best mens weight lifting gloves?” Are weight lifting gloves necessary for weightlifting in the first place?  The answer really is personal.  A good weight lifting glove or lifting grip can help you gain a firmer grip on the bar or dumbbell, as well as reduce the amount of friction that the skin is exposed to.   In my opinion, using a weight lifting glove adds confidence to your movement.  This may sound silly, but you’re able to focus on proper form of movement rather than on the possibility of the weight slipping out of your hands.  This is what I mean by added confidence.  Will a weight lifting glove actually make you lift more?  That too is open to opinion.   Some things to look for when buying weight lifting gloves:

  1. Generally speaking you don’t want a full glove. It’s rare to see guys actually using a full hand glove – but I’ve seen it.  Leather work gloves seem to be the ones some guys turn to.  Having the tips of your fingers exposed allows you to keep your tactile sensations which is important for a proper lift.
  2. Leather is better! Regardless of if you opt for a lifting grip or full weightlifting gloves – just don’t waste your money on products made of vinyl or fabric.  You need a product that’s going to stand up to tough workouts and be durable.  Leather is one of the best materials.

Weight Lifting Gloves with Wrist Support

Those that are familiar with weight lifting straps sometimes opt for weight lifting gloves with wrist support. The idea of these gloves is to offer you the benefits of both a glove and a strap.  It’s just about the silliest thing I’ve ever heard of, and I have yet to see a client or bodybuilder use these!  A lifting strap when used properly can act as additional leverage for moving the weight.  It actually defeats the purpose of the lifting strap to use it in combination with a glove. Weight lifting straps can assist with wrist support and help alleviate excess strain when used properly.

So What Are The Best Mens Weight Lifting Gloves?

Harbinger Weight Lifting Gloves Harbinger Weight Lifting Gloves seem to be everywhere!  They come in a variety of styles and colors for both men or women.  The Harbinger company and Brand was born in the skateboarding industry and originally was designed around a patented wrist wrap glove. Harbinger weight lifting gloves evolved as the bodybuilding industry grew to be more mainstream in the 1990’s.

Valeo Weight Lifting Gloves Valeo Weight Lifting Gloves have been around since the 1980’s as well.  Their company is geared towards home fitness products and they have a ton of lil exercise balls and fitness gadgets etc.,  They don’t seem to be as geared towards serious lifters like Harbinger.

GymPaws Weight Lifting Gloves Of course GymPaws Weight Lifting Gloves are gonna be on this site!  LOL  But they really were designed specifically for weight lifting.  As the Top Rated Workout Glove on Amazon they gained popularity with Crossfitters as well, and have earned their place among the best mens weight lifting gloves.  They’re made from 100% Leather with the front palm being very slightly padded.  The biggest distinction against grip pads that aren’t leather, are the 4 finger loops – they actually stay in place!