Good Fitness Gift Ideas

What Are Some Good Fitness Gift Ideas

Of course my exercise and fitness Personal Training clients ask a lot of questions; that's one of the perks of having a swolemate or coach to workout with. While most questions are regarding how to execute a specific exercise or about nutrition etc, I equally like more of the random questions. 


What are some good fitness gift ideas?



This isn't as cut and dry of an answer as one might think.  Of COURSE gym gloves are a great fitness gift ideas but before you go off and buy a pair online, consider a few options. 

Personal Trainer Gift Basket

Material – The best gym gloves 2017 are made from 100% genuine cowhide leather. So to start with real leather is the answer to what are some good fitness gift ideas. Most workout and Crossfit gloves available from sellers on Amazon are made from synthetic materials and faux leather. 

Recommended Use – Overly padded bodybuilding or weightlifting gloves are designed for just that… weight lifting.  The problem is that even those are outdated.  Overtly padded hand pads reduce the level of tactile sensation, which basically means that you can feel the burden or heaviness of the weight in your hands.

Good Fitness Gift Idea

The USPTI (United States Personal Trainer Institute) named GymPaws Gym Grips the Best Gym Gloves 2017 for a reason… because they're versatile and functional for high performance athletes or weekend warriors.  If you're still asking what are some good fitness gift ideas, think about throwing a pair of GymPaws gym gloves into a Personal Trainer Gift Basket along with some protein bars, dried fruits and nuts.  Anyone who hit is hard in the Crossfit box or weightlifting room will appreciate the present! 

You can get GymPaws right here on our website using Amazon at checkout or Paypal or a major credit card. In addition you can check out our full like of exercise and fitness gear at