The Best Workout Gloves Amazon

Are you sick of tearing up your hands at the gym? That’s why we coined the phrase (and competitors copied it) “Workout your Body, not your Hands™!” The Best Workout Gloves Amazon are GymPaws! Read the reviews and decide for yourself!

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Here’s the breakdown of Workout Gloves Amazon…

1. First of all you need to look at what they’re made from.

What is Neoprene?  Neoprene is a synthetic fabric originating from scientists at DuPont in the 1930’s.  Among tons of other uses, Neoprene is a common fabric used for aquatics or scuba diving equipment because of it’s insulation properties and natural ability to resist moisture.  It’s commonly used for workout gloves because it doesn’t absorb moisture (sweat).  You definitely don’t want a full or half finger workout glove made solely from Neoprene because your hands would sweat more than you do!  GymPaws were voted the Best Weight Lifting Gloves 2014 because they have just the right amount of Neoprene.  The back of the grip and finger loops that touch your hands are made from Neoprene.  Your hands won’t sweat!

Are Leather Workout Gloves Amazon any good?  Yes!  Leather is one of the most durable (and natural) materials you can buy!  There’s a reason why your gym shoes are made from leather;  because it will outlast even the toughest workouts.  Gloves made from leather are great, however you want to make sure they have some sort of ventilator fabric on them as well.  If you were to wear a pair of solid leather gloves they’d get so sweaty and gross you’d toss them out before you’d wear them out.  The palm of GymPaws Lifting Grips are made from 100% Genuine Leather.  That means they’re probably going to outlast you!  Not to mention that they will become more comfortable as you use them.workout gloves amazon

2.  Pay attention to the gym glove reviews on Amazon.

If it doesn’t say “amazon verified purchase” under the gym glove review title, that means it wasn’t actually purchased by a customer on amazon.  Sometimes companies give their products away to anyone walking down the street in exchange for a review on amazon.  What good does that do you?

3. Check out the shipping and returns policy.

Lot’s of workout gloves amazon are pretty inexpensive.  They make their money off shipping charges!  Why would you pay 20% of the product cost on shipping?!  GymPaws offers free shipping on all website purchases because we want you to love your new workout gloves, and in order for that to happen, you have to start using them first.   Most merchants don’t allow for returns on their products because on shopping sites like amazon a glove is considered a piece of apparel that touches the body.  GymPaws however always allows returns.  We don’t want to trick you into buying em.  We want you to actually use them.. and if you don’t.. no worries.. you can return them!

4. Know what you’re buying!

If it’s made from spongy rubbery material, it’s going to fall apart in no time because the grip doesn’t allow for natural rotation of the hand.  If it’s made from flimsy fabric it’s not going to last, and you’ll be better off working out using a cotton towel as a grip!