Best Gym Gloves 2017

Cable Lat Pushdown Barehand Gloves Or None

You've seen this exercise done many times in the gym I'm sure, however 99% of the time it is not done correctly.  Do the Cable Lat Pushdown Barehand Gloves or none properly and you'll not only work the crap out of the Latissimus Dorsi muscle but you're also working your core. Here is a video demonstration from our ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Personal Trainer. 

Cable Lat Pushdown Barehand Gloves Or None

Cable Lat Pushdown

It is very easy to turn a Triceps Pull down exercise into a cable lat pushdown, and for that reason many people execute the exercise incorrectly.  When you're working the lats you have to concentrate a bit more on your mind / body connection.  It's also important to keep your abs tight and squeeze your butt.  The key is to stabilize your core muscles before during and after each rep. 

2017 Best Gym Gloves

Start you cable lat pushdown barehand gloves or none by standing in front of a cable machine and adjust the pulley carriage to it's highest position.  With a biceps curl ez bar attached, start the exercise with a slight bend at the knee and leaning into the cable machine so your upper body is just off center.  Your hands will be out in front of you above your head grasping the bar.

Lat Push Down Exercise

Squeeze your shoulder blades back and down.  THIS is your starting position.  Engage the lats as you simultaneously pull the bar towards your upper thighs. 

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