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Crossfit Protect Your Hands

crossfit protect your hands, crossfit gloves, workout gloves for crossfitMaybe you’re not the type of person who wants to spend hours every week in the gym weight lifting and pumping iron.  If you’re a fan of bootcamp style workouts like CrossFit, HIIT, or Tabata training you undoubtedly have come away from your workouts with tore up or even bloody hands.  Why not crossfit protect your hands with the best workout gloves for crossfit?

First let’s review some of the basics of these styles of workouts.  While some may refer to them as functional training, that’s only partly accurate.  Functional Training refers to exercises that condition the body for activities you might do in every day life.  Chances are, kipping pull ups or kettlebell sumo deadlifts aren’t something you’re doing on your lunch break at work.  These exercises target muscle groups and motions you may do on a daily basis however.  It’s not about the exercises, it’s about the muscles they target and the motions simulated.

We don’t have to tell you why you’d want to crossfit protect your hands if you’ve ever done a #wod!  Anytime you’re relying on grip strength for a workout you run the risk of tearing up your hands!  Continuous workouts without hand protection will likely result in calluses to build up.  This is why a lot of crossfit or bootcamp fans end up with tears and sometimes bloody hands.  The dry rough skin can break or tear.  Not only is it painful but it may actual inhibit future workouts. Crossfit gloves aren’t for everyone.  Your best bet is to do a little research, read reviews and try a couple different products out for yourself.

HIIT or high intensity interval training is often interchanged with crossfit training or tabata training, however they do have their slight differences.  Generally speaking tabata training are shorter intervals which are done at 90-100% of your maximium heart rate whereas HIIT has slightly lower goals of about 75-90%.  Tabata is shorter “bursts” or intervals than HIIT and is actually more intense than most HIIT workouts ironically. Crossfit training focuses on various modalities and styles of workout and the actual #wod (workout of the day) may vary greatly depending on the program and instructor.  Regardless of which workout you choose, any type of functional or sport specific training regime is going to help you reach your fitness goals if you stick with it and assure you’re down time or non training time supports your workouts and recovery.