harbinger weight training gloves

Harbinger Lifting Gloves vs GymPaws

Harbinger Lifting Gloves are pretty popular, but is that because they are the best weight lifting gloves or have the biggest marketing budget behind them?  Before you decide which gym gloves you’re going to add to your gym bag, read some comparisons and reviews here.

Harbinger 143 Men’s Pro Flex Closure Glove

Harbinger Women’s Weight Lifting Gloves

Harbinger Lifting Gloves

1. One of the most widely distributed fitness accessories, you can pretty much find Harbinger Lifting Gloves everywhere from your local Crossfit Box to pretty much any cheap McFitness chain gyms.  They’re pretty inexpensive to make therefore they’re one of the most reasonably priced and mass marketed.

2. GymPaws lifting grips on the other hand are ONLY sold direct from the manufacturer.  There’s no middle man and no distributors. That means that you get the ABSOLUTE highest quality product and the BEST VALUE for your hard earned dollar!  Based in the USA you can be proud your purchase supports a US Small Business.

Harbinger 143 Men’s Pro Flex Closure  Glove

Harbinger Lifting Gloves by GymPaws®– The Harbinger 143 Men’s Pro Flex Closure Glove is one of the most popular selling gloves on Amazon. They’re made from a medium level quality leather which tends to get stiff and rough after absorbing the sweat from a couple of workouts.

– In comparison, GymPaws® The Gym Rat are made from super luxurious High Performance Leather and Ventilator Mesh Fabric.  You can’ toss them right into the washing machine and dryer along with your sweaty gym clothes.Harbinger Weight Training Gloves

– When buying half finger workout gloves keep in mind that regardless of the material, they will be hotter than something with less material.

Harbinger Women’s Weight Lifting Gloves

Listen up ladies… because you’re the ones that have the least QUALITY options!  It seems that most Women’s Weight Lifting Gloves are little more than a mans version in a smaller size or “prettier” color.  What’s even worse are the companies that claim to make gloves designed for women that come in frilly patterns and bejeweled.  I don’t know about you, but if I see a girl at the gym working out in lacy girly gym gloves, I can pretty much tell that she’s not a serious weight lifter or gym rat.

harbinger weight training gloves

You might want to check out GymPaws® Leather Lifting Grips vs. Harbinger Lifting Gloves.  They have a low profile and were designed to fit right in the palm of your hands.

They are unisex in design and fit.  The Neoprene 4 Finger Loops naturally have elasticity built right in for you guys with massive sausage fingers!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You can return your GymPaws® purchase for any reason.  Again, because you are buying wholesale / direct from the manufacturer you can expect the best customer service.