2017 Best Gym Gloves

Yosoo Cross Training Workout Gloves Review

2017 Best Gym Gloves

Amazon.com (Seattle, WA)Sports & Outdoors > Sports & Fitness > Exercise & Fitness > Accessories > Gloves – See what real Crossfit and workout customers have to say about the latest gym gloves and grip pads.  Is leather really better? Which manufacturers have the best reputation based on customer ratings.  Don't start your 2017 New Year's Resolution wasted on the opinions of people who don't even break a sweat.  These are 2017 Best Workout Gloves on Amazon. 

Yosoo Cross Training Workout Gloves Review

Here's the problem with most foreign manufacturers or those just looking to turn a quick buck in the exercise and fitness industry at the start of 2017.  99% of them haven't even suffered through ONE Crossfit class, much less pumped iron in the weight room!  I'd give 1000 dollars to any of them that could actually DO Crossfit Knees to Elbows or a bodyweight skull crusher.  They've spent more time trying to come up with silly names like Yosoo Cross Training Workout Gloves.  I'm only a an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer who's worked in the industry for nearly 2 decades, but maybe cross training is a new gym term for 2017.  Come on people. 

Gloves Crossfit Knees To Elbows

If you're looking to buy gym gloves online or on Amazon, here's a tip.  Pay attention to REAL customer reviews.  Look for the ones that actually mention some sort of exercise or weightlifting or activity.  If the majority of the comments are about weight or fabric or color, their not worth the pixels they're using online. 

Yosoo Cross Training Workout Gloves


Heavy.com rated GymPaws® #1 Best Mens Weight Lifting Gloves when they launched because our products are actually conceptualized, tested, and used by actual personal trainers, athletes, exercise professionals and gymrats. We wanted an ergonomic compact design that fit in the palm of your hands, without getting in the way.  You don't want overly padded gloves because you'll lose the tactile sensation necessary for proper form. You also don't want big bulky gloves that inhibit movement.  

2017 Best Workout Gloves are GymPaws® and it's only one week into the new year! 


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