What is a Muscle Up – Muscle Up Gloves

What is a Muscle Up – Muscle Up Gloves

Many of you may be  familiar with the term and exercise “Muscle Up” from your local Crossfit class or coach. Most people however don’t realize that the Muscle Up existed long before this bootcamp style circuit training became popular and drew light on these long standing exercises.  Here’s a quick 411 on the origins of the Muscle up, and why you might need a pair of GymPaws Muscle Up Gloves for your next attempt!

Muscle Up Demo Video

What Is A Muscle Up

A muscle up is a pull ups variation that also includes a dip exercise.  It’s origins are NOT from the world of Crossfit, but rather the sport of gymnastics.   Just as GymPaws gained popularity as “crossfit gloves” the muscle up gained mainstream attention from the thousands of couch potatoes that decided to venture into a Crossfit class for the first time. It’s a super difficult move to master and it requires great upper body strength and agility.  Some of the fittest guys and girls in the gym won’t be able to do a proper muscle up, so you shouldn’t attempt one if you’re not comfortable with a couple basic moves.

1. You need to be able to do a proper pull up.  Training for pull ups starts with understanding the different muscle groups involved.  In addition you’re going to be using your triceps to get you up and over the bar.  You’ll want to start with a pair of muscle up gloves.

2. Start with a basic pull up.  You’ll want to use a false grip which means that your thumbs are over the bars.

3.  When you get your chin up over the bar you’ll now “roll” your chest over the bar and pushing yourself up over the bar just as you’d be doing with dips.

Tips for Muscle Ups

–  Muscle Ups Gloves!  Get a pair of leather lifting grips like GymPaws.  Not only will you spare your hands from calluses, but you’ll find they will ease hand fatigue.  You don’t want to use spongy lifting grips because they stick to the bar rather than allow your hands to rotate around them naturally.