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Weird Gym Statistics You Didn’t Know

Weird Gym Statistics

Many of us dedicate a couple of hours each week to our exercise and fitness goals. Whether that time is spent running outdoors, sweating it out at a local Crossfit box, taking dance classes, playing sports, or hitting the gym, it's important to be consistent. Here are some weird gym statistics you didn't know that may either give you some much needed inspiration to #chasethepump or get you thinking about how much you really use that gym membership.


Weird Gym Statistics You Didn't Know

  1. It's estimated that the annual revenue of the gym and health club industry is nearly $22 billion!  
  2. The average month cost of a regular gym membership is less than $60.  That means that the exercise and fitness industry relies on obtaining and retaining mass numbers of members versus selling high priced packages. 
  3. There are over 30,000 gyms, crossfit boxes, and health clubs in the United States alone. 
  4. While you may be proud of your workout routine or how much time you dedicate to your achieving your weightlifting goals, the harsh reality is that 67% of those who have gym memberships, don't even use them!
  5. You may think that people spend more money on gym memberships in regions like Southern California or New York where the entertainment and fashion industries are dominant, but you'd be wrong.  Savanna, Georgia and Naples Florida are the top spending cities at an average of $144 per month. 
  6. 49% of Americans exercise regularly (at least 30 minutes 3 times a week) and oddly enough those earning more than $90k per year are far more likely to workout. 

Best Gym Gloves 2016

It's more important that you actually USE that gym membership versus how it is you use it.  Just getting out of the house or office and making it to the gym is better than just being sedentary.  You're more likely to actually exercise once you've made it to the gym than you are at home.  While home exercise equipment in the US is also a multi million dollar industry, it's far less effective when it comes to health and fitness.  People are far less likely to commit to their weightlifting routine or weight training when they rely solely on home equipment.  There's definitely something to be said for those who #chasethepump at the gym! 

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