Best Weight Lifting Glove for Rowing

Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Rowing

Best Weight Lifting Glove for RowingA lot of people don’t think about rowing to get in shape.  Just take a look around your gym and count how many rowing machines you see.  Probably a handful at best.  However, those that know that rowing is an awesome workout, will row row row their boat.. right past your flabby butt!  So what are the best weight lifting gloves for rowing?  We’re glad you asked 😉

You Can Lose Weight With Rowing

A half hour of strenuous rowing burns about 400 calories, which is about the same if not more than running!  Compare that with about 150 calories walking and about 300 calories swimming, and you can see why getting on the rowing machine may get you to your weight loss goal a little faster.  It’s a very low impact activity, and other than the rowing machine, a good pair of shoes and the best weight lifting gloves for rowing you really don’t need anything else!


Best Weight Lifting GlovesYou Can Build Muscle with Rowing

Just like with a back and biceps workout the pulling motion of rowing is a very effective upper body movement. With proper form and resistance it can help you build back muscles and sculpt your arms and shoulders.  And let’s not forget about the abs and core muscles!  Rowing requires you to keep those core muscles tight which helps tone up and define those v shaped abs.

Best Weight Lifting Gloves For Rowing

Best Weight Lifting Gloves for RowingRowing can do a number on your hands.  Not only do you need to keep a sweat free grip on the bar, but you don’t want to end up with nasty calluses or dry, cracked skin. GymPaws® are ideal because they’re made with a 100% Leather Palm that is slightly padded.  Leather is the most durable material for any gym product!

best-weight-lifting-gloves-rowing, gympaws,  lifting grips

The back of GymPaws® are made from Hydro-phobic Neoprene material, so not only do they wick away sweat and moisture, the finger loops assure that your grips stay in place!

When you purchase on the GymPaws® website you can be assured your information is safe and secure… the site is verified daily!  Not only can you check out with the internet’s most trusted credit card processor, you can pay using your PayPal account or your Amazon account!