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Gloves for Gym

Gloves for Gym - GymPawsRoses are red, violets are Blue,  all the cool kids use gloves for gym… but do you? With so many options to choose from where do you even being, especially when you’re buy gym gloves online?  From materials, to seller warranty, to how you’re going to use the gloves;  there are a couple of things you’ll want to consider.

Gloves for Gym

Materials – Believe it or not a lot of weight lifting gloves are made from cheap, synthetic fabrics.  You’ll see phrases like “micro-leather” or “leather-like” using to describe them.  There’s a reason why some manufactuers want you to think that their product is similar to leather… because leather is better!  Leather is the most durable material for fitness gear and it’s also the most comfortable.  The leather will naturally “break in” and form to fit your hand.

Gym Gloves Reviews – There’s been a lot of interest lately in the Customer Reviews of the big shopping eCommerce sites like Amazon.  Sellers will pay people to leave positive product reviews for them in the hope that it will increase their exposure and sales. GymPaws® believes that this is not helpful nor ethical.  We WANT our customers to try our product and give us honest feedback. That’s how we can constantly improve our product. GymPaws® Gloves for Gym are consistently one of the highest rated weight lifting gloves and grip!  We believe in creating a quality product and offering the best possible customer service.

Uses – Most people don’t even think about how they’re going to be using gloves for gym, but it does make a difference!  Just like gym shoes, workout gloves are made with specific uses in mind.  Half Finger gloves with wrist wraps for example are made to offer additional support for power lifting.  Gloves that have more mesh fabric on them are meant to breathe more and are used for circuit style workout or bootcamp workouts where you’re going to sweat a lot.  GymPaws® lifting grips are great for crossfit too.  Still other gloves will offer additional padding to help ease hand pressure and fatigue when doing bodyweight exercises.