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Weight Lifting Gloves For Guys

Buy Gym Gloves Online When it comes to weight lifting gloves for guys there are waaaay too many options.  While it’s super easy to buy gym gloves online, and most of them are reasonably priced, they are not all created equally.  Here are some tips from our personal trainers on what to look for.

Weight Lifting Gloves For Guys

  1. Read The Customer Reviews! The best products are the ones that come with real life testimonials.  Look for reviews that mention what the review was using them for.  For example, a glove used for weightlifting may not be the best Crossfit Glove and vice versa.  If the reviewer mentions specific exercises even better.
  2. Material! My guess is that whomever invented “leather like” fabric or “micro suede” never used them as gym gloves!  Look for REAL LEATHER gym gloves.  The longest lasting equipment in your gym isn’t make from micro suede, it’s made from leather. Best Weight Lifting Gloves For Guys
  3. Weight Lifting Gloves For Guys – How Are You Going To Use Them? As a Personal Trainer and gymrat myself, I’ve seen my share of the gloves that guys wear for weight lifting.  Garden gloves, work gloves, mittens, those cheap rubber grip pads… I’ve even seen someone wearing SOCKS on their hands.  Seriously guys, get a clue. Think about it athletes in most sports have specific gloves for their training:  baseball athletes have their batting gloves, NASCAR drivers (or any race car driver) wears gloves, football gloves, the list goes on and on.  So why wouldn’t there be fitness gloves suited specifically for their use?

    GymPaws® Gym Gloves were specifically designed to be universal and exercise specific at the same time.  The Original Lifting Grips are awesome for just about anything in the gym where you want some hand protection. Crossfitters love them as crossfit gloves, bodybuilders appreciate that there’s no extra bulk to get in the way.

    The list goes on.

    The Swolemate Gym Glove was designed for someone who wants a custom made gym glove without having to actually have something made.  The tailored wrist design and thumbhole eliminate excess material.  They were modeled after high end driving gloves.

    The V02 Max Gym Glove is constructed of hyper-breatheable Venitilator Mesh Fabric and made with washable Leather and Suede.