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Crossfit Gloves Review

crossfit gloves review, gym paws workout gloves, mens crossfit glovesIs #wod part of your daily vocabulary?  Do you know what kipping pull ups are?  If the answer is yes then you’re probably a CrossFit training enthusiast and may be interested in reading a Crossfit Gloves Review!  There are lots of varying opinions about whether to use crossfit gloves at all.  If you’ve ever experienced gross callused hands or even worse, bloody tore up hands as a result of a grueling workout, then you’ll probably disagree.

So what is it that you should be looking for as you read a Crossfit Gloves Review?  If you’re a Crossfit fan already then you already know what options you have available.  No two workouts are the same and no two sets of hands are the same!  Here are some options to keep your hands dry and your grip solid.

Chalk – Most weightlifting chalk is made from a magnesium carbonate formula.  It wicks away sweat and adds a tackiness to your grip.  Of course the main problem with weightlifting chalk is that it is so damn messy!  If you’ve ever used it you can attest to the messiness.  The other disadvantage of chalk is that it really offers no hand protection for crossfit and you’re likely to continue to build up nasty calluses.

Bodybuilding Gloves – Lots of people try to use bodybuilding gloves for their #wod or crossfit and bootcamp training.  These are usually finger less gloves that cover the entire hand except for the tips of the fingers.  Although these are old school workout gloves they definitely do protect your hands from calluses and the rough and tumble friction of a grueling workout.  The disadvantage of bodybuilding gloves is that they tend to get sweaty and restrict movement.

Spongy “power” pads – These are the spongy rubber like pads that you may see at your local supplement or sporting good stores.  In theory these are supposed to provide protection for your hand, and they do!  The problem is that they are similar to holding a kitchen sponge throughout your workout.  They don’t stay in your hands and they tend to tear easily.

Grip pads fingerless weight lifting grips – Most of these knock off products are made from flimsy Neoprene material only.  They also usually only provide one or two finger loops which cause the grip to slip.  If you”ve ever used a crossfit glove you know that the last thing you need is for your grip to slip!

GymPaws Workout Glove – As you’re reading your crossfit gloves review online, take a look at what other customers have to say.  GymPaws® Workout Gloves are the top rated workout gloves on amazon… and they’re not even a glove! Customers love them as their crossfit gloves of choice – mainly because they have a slightly padded leather palm which stands up to any butt kickin’ workout!  The other advantage of using these as crossfit gloves is that they have a 4 Finger Loop Neoprene backing.  This means they stay in place and wick away sweat.