camo gym gloves

Camo Weight Lifting Gloves

Camo Weight Lifting GlovesIt doesn’t get much cooler than GymPaws® Camo Weight Lifting Gloves!  Our newest design has already become the best reviewed and top rated… and it’s not even a glove!

Camo Weight Lifting Gloves

The original GymPaws® Lifting grips just got even cooler!  While we call them lifting grips, most of you call them weight lifting gloves just because that’s what you’re using them for (and searching for online.)Camo Weight lifting gloves

If you’ve tried using workout gloves before and are looking for something different to help you get a better pump in the gym, then you have to try out GymPaws®. If you’ve never used a gym glove before and started noticing calluses on your hands, or that your hands are fatiguing faster than you are, then you might as well try the best before you try the rest!

Camouflage Workout Gloves

– GymPaws® Camo Weight Lifting Gloves are made from 100% Genuine Leather which is the most durable material you can use for workout gear.

– Four finger loops keep these in place, and make them FIT LIKE A GLOVE without the added bulk of a full gym glove.

– The backing and finger loops are constructed from Hydrophobic Neoprene which means they are moisture resistant and wick away sweat.

– They are unisex for men or women.

Camouflage Gym Gloves

What can you use your new Camo Weight Lifting Gloves For?

Crossfit – If you’re a fan of CrossFit these just might become your new favorite gloves!  When you’re jumping from deadlifts to knees to elbows you don’t have time to take a pair of gym gloves on and off!  The compact design of GymPaws® mean they fit in the palm of your hands and you don’t have to worry about constant on and off.

Pull ups – You’ve probably never thought of using gloves for pull ups or that there was even such a thing as a pair of pull ups gloves!  You can believe that when there is something between your hand and the cold hard bar, you’ll be able to pump out a couple of more reps!

Your hands are less likely to fatigue and you won’t get the sensation that your skin’s gonna rip right off!

Weight Lifting – Duh.  Especially for pulling exercises like your favorite back and biceps workout you’ll notice a difference when you use a pair of lifting grips versus pushing exercises like for chest.  When you’re pulling a weight like for deadlifts, you’re relying more on your grip strength and grip on the bar itself.

camo gym gloves


Now you can shop on the GymPaws® website and checkout using your Amazon Account in addition to PayPal or any major credit card.  There’s always FREE SHIPPING and your purchase is safe and secure!  So what are you waiting for?  camo gym gloves