Buyer Beware Alibaba Express

Alibaba Express Gym Gloves Scam –

Buyer Beware Alibaba Express

The majority of people reading health, fitness, and workout blogs may not even know who or what Aliexpress is. Alibaba is a website and ecommerce site that offers business to business wholesale products to customers worldwide. The Alibaba express gym gloves scam is no different than any of the other exercise or household products they claim to sell. 

About Alibaba Express

Consider Alibaba a hybrid between Amazon and eBay. Unlike these hugely popular sites however, is relatively unknown to anyone who doesn't live in China.  They boast nearly 25k employees which is more than Facebook and Yahoo combined. 

Allibaba Express Gym Gloves Scam

In 2011 Chinese authorities arrested nearly 30 executes at this company who were fraudulently ripping off their customers to the tune of $6 million.  They basically opened fraudulent accounts under their customers names and laundered more money than Bernie Madoff!

Their corruption runs deep and long.  An entire team is tasked with listing millions of products "for sale" that simply do no exist.  Alibaba express gym gloves scam is not limited to workout and weightlifting equipment.  Pretty much anything you can think of is represented on their website in clear violation of international copyright, patent, and trademark laws. Google a pair of Nike shoes, and likely pops up at the top of that list.  Click on it, and you will be taken to their site where they have a picture and description of the products, both stolen from the manufactures website, If you proceed to buy it, you're redirected to a manufacturer in China that could make a knock off for you… if you want to buy 500 pairs.

Their goal is to dominate consumer searches in the USA and worldwide in an attempt to draw traffic to the website. So before you risk your money and financial information on this website looking for the best weight lifting gloves be sure to check more reputable sites like Google, Amazon, or eBay.