best workout gloves for weight lifting

3 Best Workout Gloves for Weight lifting

best workout gloves for weight liftingNot all workout gloves are created equally.  You’d be surprised to learn that some of the biggest brand name gloves are made with inferior or even imitation materials.  Most people don’t really pay attention to quality when they’re looking for workout gloves online because they’re not really a high priced item to begin with.  However if you ask any serious weightlifter or bodybuilder what gloves they use, you’ll probably hear them say that they’ve used the same gloves for years.  Why?  Because they actually last and do the trick.  Here’s a breakdown of the 4 best workout gloves for weight lifting.

1.  GymPaws Weight Lifting Grips

The original leather lifting grip, GymPaws are made from top grain cowhide leather.  With a natural tanning process that makes the leather moisture resistant, that means you can toss them in the wash machine and dryer right along with your sweaty gym clothes.  4 Finger loops on the Neoprene backing keep the grips in place which is especially important if you’re using them for Crossfit or other types of circuit training in addition to weight workout gloves for weight lifting

2.  Harbinger 143 Men’s Pro Flex Closure Gloves

Harbinger gloves have been a trusted staple in the fitness industry for decades.  While some of their gloves are made from synthetic materials, these are made from genuine leather.  The only disadvantage of the Harbinger gloves is that their overall design hasn’t changed in decades.  Some models still have boxy wrist and thumb openings.  The Harbinger Pro Flexclosure series have been around forever and have definitely lasted the test of time.harbinger gym gloves amazon

3.  The Swolemate Men’s Gym Glove

New to the market from the same guys that brought you GymPaws Lifting Grips, The Swolemate gloves are the closest thing to a high end luxury workout glove that you’ll find.  Made from Top Grain Napa Leather, the natural vegetable oil tanning process used for the leather make them supple, durable, and moisture resistant.  You’ll find that the attention to detail is reminiscent of fine driving gloves with a tapered wrist closure and tapered thumb they have a custom fit feel.  Available in both men’s and women’s sizes these are quickly becoming the best workout gloves for weight lifting.swolemate gym glove