why to use gym gloves

4 Reasons Why To Use Gym Gloves

why to use gym glovesMost people chose whether of not to use gym gloves based on how they look.  While it’s true they are workout apparel, they also fall into the category of fitness equipment or gear.  Choosing what hand protection you’re going to use means a lot more than just how they look.  Here are a couple things to keep in mind. 

4 Reasons Why To Use Gym Gloves

1. Avoid Calluses

Callouses are thick patches of skin that develop on the palms of the hands.  While some may consider them a sign that you’re hitting it hard in the gym,  calluses are actually a medical condition called Callosity.  Excessive pressure and friction causes the body to initiate it’s natural defenses and the skin in the effected area grows more tough and thick.  Using gym gloves or lifting grips at the gym will eliminate the pressure and friction from the weights you’re using.

2.  Improves Grip

We all sweat.  While you may not be one to get sweaty palms, you are sweating at the gym and your hands become moist whether you realize it or not.  If your hands are sweaty you won’t get a good grip on the bar.  This is one of the main reasons why a lot of athletes use gloves for their particular sport like baseball, golf, and even driving.

3. Better Form

If you’re not concerning yourself with whether or not the weight is going to slip out of your hands, then believe it or not you may actually get a better workout in!  Bodybuilders who use weight lifting straps have known this for a long time.  When they are more confident that the weight won’t slip, they can load up the weights and pump out a massive set!

4. Sanitary

Think of how many gross sweaty people touch the weights and machines at the gym. If there’s no other reason why to use gym gloves this is it!  If you can avoid touching some of those nasty surfaces you’re less likely to be exposed to the nasty bacteria and who knows what else!  It’s amazing how many people are concerned with wiping off gym equipment before they use it, but don’t think twice about grabbing a weight or handles of a machine without any thought.  I can tell you from experience that the weights in the weight lifting room are NEVER sanitized or wiped off.  Think of that the next time you’re pumpin out those reps! Fitness Gift Ideas for Him

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