Hot Crossfit Guys LIfting Grips

Lifting Grips Reviews

Lifting Grips Reviews

Let’s assume you understand the benefits of weightlifting and you’re ready to take your workout to the next level.  You may have found yourself a swolemate to sweat with, or even started training with a personal trainer. Eventually you’re going to be in the market for a pair of good lifting grips and what better place to start than right here with some lifting grips reviews!

What’s the difference between weight lifting gloves, and lifting grips?

A glove is traditionally a full hand glove designed to act as a barrier between your hand and the cold hard metal.  On the other hand, a lifting grip is simply something between your hand and the weight.

Lifting Grips Reviews

Hot Crossfit Guys LIfting Grips

Think about it, you don’t lift with the back of your hands right?  So why do you need a full glove and all that extra material to make your hands all sweaty and inhibit movement.  On the flip side, most lifting grips like gripads and big back lifting grips are just flimsy pieces of rubber that don’t really stay in place.  So what’s the alternative?

GymPaws® Original LEATHER Lifting Grips!

Best Gym Gloves for Sweaty Hands

  • They’re the only ones made with 100% Genuine Cowhide Leather.  Unlike the lifting grips mentioned above, that means these will outlast even the toughest workouts!
  • 4 Finger loops on the Neoprene backing.  These FIT like a glove.  Gripads and big back lifting grips and other crappy rubber products just don’t compare.

Check out this video of one of our personal trainers demonstrating how he uses GymPaws lifting grips for Kettlebells:

The most important thing to consider when you’re researching different lifting grips reviews, is what the customers have to say about it!  At GymPaws Inc we stand behind all of our products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You can find GymPaws on Amazon or buy them right here and checkout with Amazon (or Paypal or Credit Card).

Kipping Muscle Up Exercise Video Demo

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