Best Gym Gloves 2017

Trideer Ultralight Weight Lifting Gym Gloves

When it comes to workout gloves there are about as many options to choose from as there are muscle groups in the body if not more. When you're purchasing gloves on Amazon, eBay or other online shopping sites you rely heavily on customer reviews and ratings.  A lot of these reviews are more padded than the cheap gloves they're describing! Here is our Trideer Ultralight Weight Lifting Gym Gloves review. Before you hit the gym or Crossfit Box watch this video demo review. 

Trideer Ultra Weight Lifting Gym Gloves Review

The first thing you're going to notice is that the materials used to make this product is sub par at best.  Synthetic "faux leather" is no better hand protection than wrapping a cotton t shirt around your hands during your workout. 

2017 Best Gym Gloves

The reason we use 100% Genuine Leather for all of our GymPaws products is because as fitness professionals ourselves we know that LEATHER is the most durable material you can use.  Thing of your gym shoes. They take a beating and they require a highly durable material to hold up to the daily stresses of your fitness routine. 

Secondly when you're reading gym gloves reviews pay attention to what customers are saying about the padding.  Overly padded gym gloves like Trideer Ultra Weight Lifting Gym Gloves don't do you any favors.  It may seem at first like the more padded the fingers and palm the better.

Trideer Gym Gloves Review

However, as a Personal Trainer I can tell you that this couldn't be further from the truth!  You need to have tactile sensation when you're weightlifting or doing pull ups, biceps curls or any other exercises for that matter.  That means that you should be able to FEEL the weight of the dumbbell or bar in your hand as you perform the movement.  If you can't, you seriously put yourself at risk for executing the movement incorrectly which could lead to injury. 

Best Gym Gloves 2017

Trideer Ultralight Weight Lifting Gym Gloves Review

Comparing Trideer Ultralight Weight Lifting Gym Gloves and GymPaws® Ultra Compact, genuine leather gym gloves really is no comparison.  Not only are GymPaws® designed by a team of Certified Personal Trainers, Weight Lifting pros, Athletes, and Exercise physiologists, but our products are designed for performance in the gym or Crossfit box.  We want you to get the most from your workout!  

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