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Weight Lifting Gloves For Men

What are the best weight lifting gloves for menNot all weight lifting gloves for men are the same!  You walk down the aisle of your local sporting goods store and literally see hundreds of options.  So what’s the difference?

Weight Lifting Gloves For Men

Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind before you spend your money. (Hint: Most places won’t let you return gloves because they are a garment that comes in contact with your skin – they’re not considered “equipment.”)

1.  Material. 

Pay attention to this.  They may look like leather and even feel like leather, but buyer beware!  There are lots of synthetic materials that are imitation leather.  I recently checked out a pair of Gold’s Gym brand gloves (made in China) and thought they were leather… until I read the fine print “micro fiber leather.”  That’s no better than wearing your cotton gym shirt around your hands!  Leather is the most durable material.  GymPaws Lifting Grips and The GymRat workout gloves are made from 100% Genuine Leather and can be machine washed and dried.

2. Straps or No Straps. weight lifting gloves 2014

Some options come with built in wrist straps.  They really don’t offer much more support and the huge down side is that they add a lot of extra bulk.  Not to mention you’re hands will be sweatin more than you are!  Get a separate pair of weight lifting straps instead if you’re looking for something with added wrist support.

3. Use.

This seems like a no brainer… you’re going to use them for weight lifting right?  Unless that’s the ONLY thing you do in the gym, when you’re checkin out weight lifting gloves for men keep in mind that you might be using them as crossfit gloves one day, lifting grips the other, and maybe even for cardio!  Choose something that doesn’t restrict movement and that can be easily cleaned.  While leather is a great material, it does absorb sweat.