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Buy Thin Gym Gloves Online

Would you rather have really well padded, or thin gym gloves?  The answer really depends on what you’re going to be using them for in the gym and what your workout consists of.  For example, in a typical Crossfit wod you’re going to be doing a circuit of exercises in rapid succession.  Most of which will be bodyweight movements or require little weight.  In contrast, if you’re more focused on weight lifting and strength training, you may want some hand protection that offers a little more support to ease hand fatigue.  We’ve complied a list of the best and the rest you need to consider if you decide to buy gym gloves online.

Weight Lifting Workouts

When you’re strength training with the goal of building muscle and sculpting your physique into a rock hard slab of granite, you’re going to be lifting heavy weights.  It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to build bigger biceps, mastering your form with squats or deadlifts, or adding pounds of muscle with some of the best chest exercises.  To build muscle, you have to build resistance.  Because you’re not doing high repetition exercises you’re hands are actually in contact with the weights less than if you were doing a HIIT workout for example.

Best Gym Gloves Online

This would be a benefit of thicker more padded gym gloves, as they can help to ease hand fatigue.  The big drawback to gym gloves that are too thick is huge however.  If the workout gloves you’re using have too much padding and bulk, you can actually compromise your form because you’re losing some tactile sensation.  I good solution is something like the GymPaws® V02Max glove (pictured above).

It has slight padding on the pressure points of the palm, with minimal materials used to construct the rest of the glove.  You’ll also appreciate that the breathe-ability factor of the Ventilator Mesh fabric.

Thin Gym Gloves

If you’re looking for a pair of thin gym gloves, then you’ve already probably experienced the issues with the thicker bulkier options.  You’re probably more interested in reducing callus causing friction, and improving your grip. The best crossfit gloves are usually thinner because they need to be very versatile for a number of different exercises.

Best Gym Glove Reviews

GymPaws® Original Lifting Grips are a great option if you want thin gym gloves because their minimalist design is meant for high performance.  Slight padding on the genuine leather palm can help to ease hand fatigue a bit without compromising tactile sensation.  Also, the 4 finger loops keep the lifting grips in place, so they actually FIT like a full finger gym glove!

Whether you’re looking for gloves for hand protection, to improve your grip, or to help you lift heavier, make sure that you’re consulting with a qualified personal trainer or fitness professional to assure that all the movements you’re executing, you’re doing so with proper form!  Happy lifting!

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