Gym Gloves Amazon

best workout gloves amazonGym Gloves Amazon – There’s lots of choices, so what’s the difference?  Well let’s first understand how Amazon works, what all the Gym Glove Reviews mean, and then figure out which gloves are going to be best for you. 

Gym Gloves Amazon

Most of us assume that we know how shopping sites like Amazon work.  We see something we like, click “add to cart” and go on about our day.  The reality is that it’s far more complex than that.

Amazon Prime – Among other services offered to customers by Amazon, Amazon Prime (link opens in new window) is a yearly subscription which offers Free Two Day Shipping on a ton of items.  It’s a $99 fee but for those of  you who do a lot of online shopping, you’ll more than make up for it in shipping savings.

Merchants like GymPaws Inc., pay a fee for every purchase made on Amazon in addition to monthly service fees.  Merchants have the option of having their items shipped by Amazon or not.  When you see an item on Amazon with a blue checkmark and “Prime” located on it, it means that is is fulfilled by Amazon instead of the merchant sending it out themselves.   If the merchant choose this option, they pay more service fees to Amazon.

At GymPaws we choose to ship our Gym Gloves directly to the customer versus to an Amazon facility.  Some of our gym gloves amazon competitors would rather not deal with customer service and shipping issues so they’re more than happy to let Amazon do all the work.  We choose to communicate directly with our customers.

Gym Gloves Amazon – Reviews

Like any merchant, we love when a customer takes the time to leave a review on one of our products.  It helps us to make our products even better and gives us the opportunity to keep developing new ones.Blue Gym Gloves

Recently however we’ve become aware of a growing practice of some unethical merchants on Amazon.  A couple of times over the past 6 months one of our competitors has paid someone overseas to go to the GymPaws listings and “vote down” positive reviews and “vote up” negative reviews.  In doing so they also paid for these same guys to leave positive customer reviews!  It sucks that our competitors feel threatened by the success of GymPaws.  Perhaps it’s because their gym gloves are made from in-superior materials or because their real customers don’t leave favorable reviews.  Whatever the case, it’s against Amazon Seller policies and eventually they’ll be removed.

GymPaws have consistently been one of the top rated gym gloves on Amazon for a reason… because they’re made with the highest quality materials and we offer a 14 Day Return window… even if you’ve used them!

You can buy GymPaws on Amazon or you can buy them right here on the gym paws website using your Amazon account.  Simple choose to “Pay With Amazon” during the checkout process.