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Weight Lifting Gloves For Guys

Weight Lifting Gloves

Before you go buy your new bitch mittens online, we implore you to read some of these Weight Lifting Gloves for Guys reviews.  When it comes to gym and fitness gear, all things are not equal! Just like the millions of gym memberships that go unused every year, most manufacturers pump out cheap products faster than you can do a bicep curl, because they know the majority of their customers won’t really put their products to the test.  That’s where we’re different.

Weight Lifting Gloves For Guys

When GymPaws® was started 4 years ago it wasn’t a goal to become one of the best selling lifting gloves and grips.  The company was formed around the original GymPaws® leather weight lifting grips.  I hated wearing gym gloves.  They were hot and sweaty and they felt really inhibiting.  I didn’t feel like I got a better lift in.  I began to understand why some guys referred to gloves as bitch mittens!

All I needed was a durable hand pad that protected against calluses, didn’t fall apart, and that was leather.  GymPaws® grips with 4 finger loops was born! As thousands of customers tried them and fell in love, I wanted to expand and take a shot at designing  full weight lifting gloves for guys.  The difference is that I wanted my new half finger gloves to embody the same minimalist design concept that I achieved with the lifting grips.  A couple of years later The Swolemate and The V02Max weight lifting gloves for guys were born!

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Reviews and Key Product Features

  • All GymPaws products are crafted from the same fine Italian leather.  This ain’t the cheap “leather like” crap you buy in China which is what you get with most gloves.
  • We use military-grade thread, stitching, Neoprene and Ventilator fabric.  Little known fact, GymPaws lifting grips are one of the most purchased weight lifting gloves for guys and girls in the US armed forces!
  • I’m fortunate to have a team of Certified Personal Trainers, Athletes, Sports Trainers and Exercise Physiologists.  Our products were designed with thought… for performance and durability!

So if you don’t still think gloves are bitch mittens, check em out for yourself…

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