Best Gym Gloves 2014

Best Gym Gloves 2014 – Meet Your New Swolemate

Best Gym Gloves 2014You better not cry, you better not pout, you just found the gym gloves you just can’t lift without! ♫  GymPaws® Lifting Grips have been rated the Best Gym Gloves 2014 and now The Swolemate Gym Gloves are ready to make their mark on the world of fitness!  This is why it’s time to meet your Swolemate…

Time to Get Swole!

The Best Gym Gloves 2014 are GymPaws Weight Lifting Grips and now we’re pretty sure the best gym gloves brand is GymPaws!  The Swolemate Gym Gloves are unlike any other workout gloves you’ve tried!

The Swolemate Gym Gloves - Natural

Here are some details about the new Swolemate Gym Glove by GymPaws®

♠  They are made from Top Grain Cowhide Leather with a Napa finish.  This is a tanning process used with vegetable oil that leaves the leather soft and supple and moisture resistant.

♠  The Swolemate was designed after high end driving gloves which are tapered to the hand, eliminating excess material that gets in the way.  Especially if you’re into serious weight lifting!

♠  Tapered thumb hole and wrist opening fits your hand like a glove.  These won’t feel like they’re going to slip off or they are too bulky.

♠  The padded leather palm has an extraordinary amount of detailed craftsmanship with double stitching and reinforced pressure points.

♠  Looking for the best women’s gym gloves?  Look no further!  The Swolemate is available in Men’s and Women’s sizes and colors!

Do I need to use workout gloves?

A:  No.  But if you want to get the most from your workout, then the answer is YES!  Workout gloves like The Swolemate or Weight Lifting Grips like GymPaws® can increase your confidence when lifting.  Does this mean that you can hit the gym and train like a beast?  That’s not what I mean.

When you don’t have to worry about the weight slipping out of your hands, you simply don’t focus on this.  This is a big advantage for gym gloves in general.  Deadlifts are a perfect example of an exercise where hand protection can help you get a better lift.  Or think about doing some pull ups.  Whether they’re kipping pull ups or a standard dead hang pull up, when you grab that bar and drop down, what’s the first sensation that you feel?  That’s right… it feels like your hands are going to rip right off your arm!

When you have a pair of the best gym gloves 2014 between your skin and the cold hard bar, you don’t feel as much pressure or hand fatigue!  Not to mention you won’t have to worry about getting those nasty calluses!