Men’s Crossfit Gloves

mens crossfit gloves, best men's crossfit glovesYou’re a man, and men sweat.  If you’re a guy that does crossfit workouts then you’re a man who sweats a lot!  You need a men’s crossfit glove that’s going to keep you from tearing up your hands but not get in the way of your workout.  Or even better, you need a men’s crossfit glove that’s not going to make you look like a total dork at your gym!  GymPaws lifting grips are the answer, so rest assured my friend there’s no need to keep searching.  Whatever you want to call them, grip pads, gym glove, lifting grip, it doesn’t matter.  Soon these will be your new favorite workout buddy.

Here’s why you need to get a pair of GymPaws:

  1. Athletes, personal trainers, crossfit box owners have been singing the praises of these gym gloves as the best mens crossfit gloves.  They’re even top rated workout glove on Amazon!  Just read the reviews… thousands of customers can’t be wrong.
  2. You can try using a bulky bodybuilding glove, but those are just going to restrict movement, make you look like a meathead from 1997, and they’re going to absorb all that sweat that pours out during your crossfit workout.
  3. Skip the impostors.  You want real leather grip pads, not something that’s a piece of thin fabric.  GymPaws are a favorite mens crossfit glove because they’re genuine leather.  The leather palm is slightly padded but not bulky or restrictive.  It fits right in the palm of your hand where you need the protection from rips and callous buildup that those battling ropes workout, kettlebell workout or pull up set is going to cause!
  4. You’re gonna look cool, and better yet, people aren’t going to look at all.  GymPaws grip pads fit discretely in the palm of your hand.
  5. The most unique design.  Pay attention to this one because it’s probably the most important point if you’re truly looking for the best mens crossfit glove.  GymPaws have a 4 finger loop design.  Why is this important and why does this set GymPaws grip pads apart.  Here’s a test… take your right hand and hold it in front of your face.  How many fingers to you see?  FOUR!  Why would you buy a product that has a couple finger loops?  (now take your left hand and smack yourself in the face for asking a silly question like that!)